Monday, April 23, 2012

ABS Discusses Dog Park Fencing, Dog Wash Fundraiser Success, Bike Paths, and Coates Bluff Nature Trail Future at Last Meeting

Apologies for the delay in the postings of these meeting summaries.Below is the summary for the March 12 meeting.

In attendance: Kathryn Brandl, Loren Demerath, Robert Trudeau, Susan Keith, Maurice Loridans, Feico Kempff, and Elizabeth Rosselli.

The group discussed the upcoming Dog Day Afternoon Dog Wash. The event will be held Sunday, March 25 from 2:30-6pm at Marilynn's Place. The event needs volunteers, possibly provided by Brandl and Demerath's classes. Several members took posters from Susan and plan to distribute them. The Dog Park Alliance’s 101 Donation fundraising campaign will commence shortly.

Dog Park at New Orleans' City Park- Happy people, low-cost fencing
General discussion of progress on the dog park followed. The possibility of a grad entry with a pergola and rod iron fencing was debated. Some worry the costs of the entryway would take away from the completion of the project's fundamental goals. Proper fencing remains a point of tension, as it properly confine dogs while meeting the city’s requirements. While large and small dogs will remain on separate parts of the park, the large dog half lacks sufficient shade for hot summer months.

Public advocacy for the dog park presents an additional challenge for ABS. ABS acknowledges the benefits of dog park stretch beyond the realm of dog owners. Those whom dislike dogs benefit by having dogs apart from their recreational needs. The court of public opinion might be the best route to maintaining popular support.

The group discussed the availability of funding for bike-pedestrian paths in Shreveport. The parish states that funding for this type of project is unavailable, and Matthew Lin suggests the usage of a bond initiative. Steph is currently unable to attend meetings, but she expressed her opinions by proxy of Loren.

The group discussed the process of city planning. Shreveport’s city planning has historically lacked proper implementation. Good planning incorporates some implementation in their outlooks. Urban planning is commissioned by the city, and the city decides whether to move forward with the projects. The group understands that it might have to take the money it can get and move forward from there.

The group also talked about the spring maintenance of Coates Bluff. Maurice suggested that users of the trail carry hand loppers to groom the trial as one goes. The users can trim items that present risks when using the trail after-hours (items that brush one’s legs and/or dangling at or above hand level). Maurice also suggested utilizing the fallen branches near the Loop, 30 feet towards Montessori, to outline the trail.

The group received encouraging news from Maurice about usage of Coates Bluff. Maurice recently saw teens using the trail to travel to Papa’s Grocery with BMX bikes. The trail cannot be used for roundtrips from Valencia Park because of the terrain. The group has received positive feedback on the tire amphitheater built last fall.

The group spent the end of the meeting updating on the conservation easement project. Members of the group have been discussing the possibility of obtaining community partners for the conservation easement. The group offered suggestions about potential educational institutions to ally with ABS in protecting the Coates Bluff land from development. Bonnie Lewis, professor of Sociology at SELU, expressed the difficulty in establishing a land trust.

Some concern about the adjacent development by UL Coleman was expressed in the meeting. It was noted that building a relationship with the developers may be prudent.


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Kennels in Long Island is also trying to improve the look and the feel of their place. The Dog Park Alliance's 101 campaign is a great way to improve Dog Parks and influence other people to take care of the parks not only for our dogs but also for us.

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