Monday, April 9, 2012

How would one bike to the Makers Fair and other questions at today's meeting

Multiple topics on the table for today's meeting, including, would a social ride to the fair be appropriate? What would be the route we could recommend to folks southern residential neighborhoods?

Other topics:
  • How could the tree tour be improved next fall?
  • How could Bayou Pierre and other bayous become stronger assets for our community?
  • When should we finish the clearing stage of the north-south leg of the new mountain bike trial, and who's in?
  • Fund raising for the dog park has continued and progress is being made steadily, but are there any particularly pressing needs of the dog park coalition that the broader ABS membership can help with?
We meet 6:00-7:00 tonight, at the Wright Math Building on the Centenary campus. All are welcome, as always!

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