Thursday, November 10, 2011

Nature Trails to be Focus of Monday's Meeting; Opening of Coates Bluff Trail Saturday

This Monday night from 6:00 to 7:00, ABS will have a themed meeting on nature trails in Shreveport. On the heels of Saturday's opening of the Coates Bluff trail (8:30-11:30), the group will discuss the possibility of additional trails, both in that area, and others around the city.

This past Monday ABS hosted a discussion of the powerpoint and "teach-in" by on the Occupy Wall St. movement and the "99%". In attendance were Loren Demerath, Steph Pedro, Cynthia Keith, Susan Keith, Adrienne Critcher, Brain Salvatore, Keith Hardwick, Kimberly Powell, David Young, Maurice Loridans, Alan Dyson, Carolyn Manning, Katherine Brandl, Robert Trudeau, and Elizabeth Roselli. The meeting was not a typical one for ABS; the group watched the powerpoint slide show, listened to Loren and Steph reading the narration for it, with discussion interspersed throughout. It was a stimulating meeting!

Because that was the first Monday of the month, that meeting was to be our monthly social meeting, to take place at some alternative forum. It has since been agreed that this month's social meeting will now take Monday the 21st, 6 to 7, at the Lake Street Dance Hall at the corner of Marshall and Lake St., downtown.

The fourth Monday of every month is to be an advocacy event. This month, depending on what the group decides at the next meeting, that event might occur on Sunday instead, if the event happens to be an outdoor project, such as trail making.

To summarize:
Monday the 14th: themed meeting on city nature trails
Monday the 21st: social meeting at Lake St. Dance Hall
Sunday or Monday the 27th or 28th: advocacy event

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