Friday, November 25, 2011

Another review of Shreveports latest and greatest attraction: Coates Bluff Nature Trail

"Great trail. Party of 10, plus 5 dogs, loved it," reported Chris Brown on Friday as he introduced his family to the Coates Bluff Nature Trail.

When you're ready to walk the half-mile path, you can park at Caddo Magnet High / Valencia Park or at Montessori School for Shreveport.

The path runs parallel to the mostly-dry Bayou Pierre river bed.

Sycamores, hackberry trees, native pecan, rattan and switch cane are typical of the growth on the trail. There are 2 tree trunks to crawl over and one fallen tree to crawl under. There's a beaver lodge on the watery section.

Find photos and maps here.

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Meaux said...

Chanel 6 report on Sunday's (11/27/11) effort at Coats Bluff