Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Robert Trudeau: One person's response to the recent forum presented by Shreveport MayorCedric Glover

Shreveport's abominable streets were addressed in some detail by Mayor
Cedric Glover in the recent forum held in the Municipal Auditorium.
That was the meaty part of his presentation. Otherwise, the Mayor used
his powerful voice to rehash downtown development stories at
considerable length.

The forum was overdue. It was somewhat helpful.
Alas, the presentation was distinctly old school.

Following a video celebrating the Mayor and SRAC's successful
Shreveport Common grant app,a long and detailed lecture was read by
the Mayor. Meanwhile the city department heads were imprisoned in the
front rows of the auditorium as though they were members of the king's

Allow me to make suggestions for future forums.

a) On that giant screen you might project factoids and illustrations -
use a perceptive photographer for your images - that highlight and
summarize the
text of the speech.

b) Add an additional screen to the presentation and allow participants to post
questions for the Mayor via Twitters (edited) projected on the screen
(we were told that you enjoy Twitting).

c) Position the city department heads at labeled tables around the room so they
are available to public questions from the start of the forum.

d) Respond analytically to the audience. You recognized the ministers
- why not note the presence of 2 rows of people associated with A
Better Shreveport?

e) Use public appearances to offer some level of transparency in
government. Example: "This meeting cost $3000 and the funds came from
the __ budget. We expect to use photos from this event in applying for
the next downtown rehab grant," etc etc.

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