Monday, October 24, 2011

Letter to Times from David W Young on the Mayor's Forum and ABS

I attended the Shreveport mayor's community briefing Oct. 10.

I applaud the mayor and City Council on their ambitious efforts to revitalize the historic communities of Allendale and Ledbetter Heights through Shreveport
Commons and Choice Neighborhoods.

I received many calls about my picture in The Times holding a sign reading, "We Want A Better Shreveport."

A few mentioned the sign and had interesting thoughts on its intended message.

To clear the air, I'd like to introduce A Better Shreveport to those that don't know about it.

A Better Shreveport is a nonprofit dedicated to improving the quality of life in Shreveport. Since moving back home, this is the most interesting and inspirational group I have been introduced to.

Through a small core group, this organization provides a voice for advocates of forward-thinking community projects such as a dog park at Hamel's Memorial Park, Coates Bluff Greenway, a bike-pedestrian master plan and the Velo Dendro bicycle tour Saturday.

This isn't an easy process as their advocacy and passion can sometimes cause discomfort, but it is a necessary effort in a community with so much opportunity.

I encourage you to get involved in groups like this that can make a real difference in shaping our community's

future. You can find out more at,, on Facebook and at 5 p.m. Mondays on KSCL-FM.

- David W. Young

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