Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Right To Play, Inc: Dr Karen Gordon created the Leaps and Bounds playground in AC Steere Park, Shreveport

"Right to Play, Inc was established when it was determined that children with disabilities in the Shreveport, Louisiana area were denied an aspect of life that other children and their parents take for granted: access to a playground that would provide rigorous and challenging fun for children of all abilities." That's from the history of the non-profit group at righttoplay.org.

"RTP was founded in 1999 by Karen Gordon, a Shreveport veterinarian, who was moved by a magazine story about a barrier-free playground project in Connecticut. She identified six other community members willing to devote volunteer energy to ensure all children in the Shreveport - Bossier City community would have equal access to play."

The city of Shreveport happily accepted the donation of the park to AC Steere park.

Upkeep of the Leaps and Bounds facility remains an ongoing concern.

During the recent interview on KSCL Dr Gordon said that being independent of the city afforded the organization the ability to avoid the lowest bid process and find the best-possible designers and manufacturers.

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