Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Inspired by the Coates Bluff Trail, Libby Patterson, caterer, offers tohelp ABS with event planning and food prep

"Erik, Ava and I again enjoyed the Coates Bluff Nature Loop a couple of weekends ago (actually it was Erik's first time and he loved it!). We met a gentleman who was fishing and had great things to say about the trail and also told us about some trails by the river," writes food maven Libby Patterson.

"I wanted to express that Erik and I want to support that project and extension, and all that A Better Shreveport is doing. We're not able to come to meetings yet (opposite schedules and Ava), but we can help with maintenance/presence and trail usage...
In the meantime, I also wanted to offer help in something I do have a little experience in: food and event planning. I'm not sure who to speak to about this, but please volunteer my services for the next time you have a gathering you need help with...I've done it pro bono for minicine for dogs or hummus, I'm there :)"

ABS must be on a righteous path, seems to me, to win such an offer of support.

Libby's blog is called

- Robert Trudeau

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