Sunday, January 30, 2011

Leadership Set for Coming Events at Last Meeting

In attendance: David Young, Jon Soul, Feico Kempff, Carolyn Manning, Steph Pedro, Maurice Loridans, Will Loe, Cynthia Keith, Loren Demerath, Robert Trudeau


The group passed the by-laws as posted on the home page. It was noted that some things may need to be adjusted there, such as officer positions, but we can change them any time we announce a vote revising the by-laws a week beforehand.


Demerath had sketched a rough budget of income and expenses, while suggesting members dues of $30 per year, and board member contributions of $75. Loridans noted that our function is mainly intellectual in discussing projects, and our operating costs are lower than the budget suggests, and that we can raise funds as necessary for projects; the accountant fees for the non-profit work are one-time. Demerath agreed. Loridans suggested cutting in half the revenue streams to be $15 dues; one time board of director fee of $40. The group agreed to set them as such.

In discussing accountant fees, it was noted we don’t have specific quotes yet; accounting majors at Centenary might be willing to donate their services as part of a service-learning project; we may also have local contacts who are accountants who would be willing to work pro-bono or at reduced rate.


The organizing committee for Velo Dendro will be Robert Trudeau, chairing, with Pedro and Manning’s assistance. And they’ll announce their meetings or requests for help as they procede. They’ll meet with Haley Dozzier and Matthew Linn and contact Matt Brown and the Bike Pedaler owner as well as other bike shop owners to hep with promotion. Pedro will help with the advance calendar; Trudeau noted that tie-in’s are useful; e.g., the Maker’s Fair is connecting to an event alongside the festival at Asiana Gardens; Velo could include other events; performances, etc. could tied into it; could also be advertised more regionally--there are tree lovers everywhere; also, need to make sure we’re not the same weekend as the Tour de Goodwill; it’s organizational structure and planning processes can be a model for organizing for other rides to hold even before next fall: architecture; home gardens, tales of local history, etc. What may have made this so successful previously was Matthew Linn’s email letter to many people outside of ABS’ circle; Matt Brown’s crowd through Sport Spectrum is another; could advertise more effectively bike shops on poster.


Though there may not necessarily be an event associated with this in the near future, we can help organize the group, adding our connections and resources, looking for opportunities, publicizing it, etc. Will Loe said he would like to be added to that group. Loe noted that in New Orleans its a big money-maker; in Richmond Virginia there’s one called Caravati’s, has two floors, etc; Demerath hasn’t discussed it yet recently with two likely leaders, Dan Marcalus and Steve Shelburne, but the group hopes one or both of them would be willing to take the lead in the project of forming an architectural salvage coop.

Shreveport Green (w/ Jennette Ginsburg) is apparently working on something like an architectural salvage center with the Fuller House; Shreveport Green’s interest in it may be that it has no place to put a lot of salvage material they end up collecting. (Later, Demerath ran into Ginsburg and asked her about it. She said it started with Fuller Center’s interest in being able to sell the surplus new materials they have. Ginsburg will keep us posted on its progress and let us know if there’s anything ABS can do to help.)


Feico has been working with Paula Hickman and updated us on the land trust; certification requirements in the state so it can’t be abused by real estate speculators.


Cyclovia will be on Feb 26th and March 5th; The idea is to bicyclists use the parade route before the parade starts but after the streets have been closed to motorists. ABS members have done this in the past, and its a wonderful way to experience the city, the revelry, and bicycling on roads without the potential threat of automobiles.

On each of the two major parade days, Loridans will be at Cohabitat an hour before the parade’s start time; he’ll have his own refreshments that he’ll carry with him on the bike, and he invites others to bring their own too; he and his bike will be decorated as well. He says anyone who’d like to can join him; just be at Cohabitat by that time.


The parade will be a Saturday in mid-March, and the float can be ABS members on bikes, maybe with each bike decorated as a dog breed, combining our interest in bike paths, lanes, planning, etc., and dog parks. Keith will be the committee chair, with Pedro and Manning--the dog park committee, in effect. Pedro has access to a flatbed trailer, might could put dogs on it, etc., but potential problems with that were mentioned.


TACA cleapup of Texas Ave. and Cotton St. area will be April 23rd; Steph is on the board and will keep us up to date on their need for volunteers that day, etc.

Robert noted that we can put events on It’s a great central planning function; the Shreveport Times search engine is really poor; Young noted that it’s Gannett that has control over that.


Carolyn is planning on doing a bike ride around the Toledo Bend area. There are bike sharrows there and lots of bike infrastructure; its a model for Louisiana biking; Carolyn will be planning it; she may ask for help and will provide details as it approaches.


The third annual Coates Bluff Clean-Up will be March 12th probably 9 to 12:00; the first year was reclaiming the area out of the mess; the second was concentrating on certain areas; have had lunch with hot dogs on Ian’s cooker and live music both years; this year the primary effort will be to reestablish an old switchback trail going up from the main trail to the ball field of Stoner Lab School.

At the Cemetary there is one headstone of a woman who was born in 1797; there may be other graves as old or older there. Jeff Girard has established it now as a state archeaological site.

The trail and area is much-used. Jon Soul has restocked the map box many times; Bessie Smith, the head of the Stoner Hill Neighborhood Association has been in on it since the beginning; Ian and Jon are going to their meeting to update them on Thursday; Jon spoke to the Mayor and Principle Franklin simultaneously about it during the MLK service day at the Stoner Hill Lab Elementary School. It’ll be giant community feel-good day.

Soul will serve as committee chair, with Robert Trudeau, Loren Demerath, and Andy Goldthwaite assisting.

Soul mentioned that Montessori just received a grant from International Paper (they’ve got a Mansfield plant) to... [notes incomplete at that point!]

Soul showed the group beautiful, inspiring pictures of the trail being used.


Demerath will represent ABS at the South Shreveport Business Association dinner with Lt. Governor Jay Jardanne (Keith will also be there as a SSBA board member, and Pedro and Manning will attend as well.)

The group agreed that the theme of next Monday’s meeting (the 31st) will be the dog park. Unfinished business, though, from this meeting, is deciding on the themes of upcoming meetings, so that will also fall to the agenda on Monday.

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