Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Blue bins: email city council with your supprt for the Shreveport single-stream recycling program

Writes Michael Corbin, "I encourage you, your class and those who read your blog to email EACH MEMBER of the Shreveport City Council supporting our current single-stream recycling program. We all recognize the importance of recycling and it is important at this time to let our City leaders know it is important to the citizens."

Btw: former council member Monty Walford wrote this:

"E-mail is not necessarily the best option for council. Shtne does not do computers!

When they wanted to put Tinseltown at Catholic Center we prepared postcards for each MPC member & council member. I'll be happy to set them up. Cheap at a quick print place to print. $.28 ea to mail. 100 to each council member would have big impact!"

Thanks for important background, Monty.

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