Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Another Idea from SPAR Planner, Tim Wachtel

Tim wrote me recently about an idea he's working on that creates a pedestrian path of some sort between Allendale and downtown. Tim wrote, "The main driver of the idea was that the preliminary proposal for the Millennium Film studio project showed their yard right up against historic Oakland Cemetery. As I looked at trying to provide a "Historic Park" buffer between the project and the cemetery I noticed that Sprague Street would make a great pedestrian access point between downtown and a Historic Area (Historic Park & Cemetery & Municipal Auditorium). Then I noticed that if the trail kept going that it would get to Allendale, perhaps through a soon-to-be redeveloped area. Once in Allendale it could be hooked up to the linear park proposed by Kim Mitchell in his Allendale plan."

Here's the map drawn up by Tim:

Cool, huh? ...For example, Livette? You out there? Would the Secretary of the Shreveport Historical Association care to comment?

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