Monday, May 12, 2014

Summer Plans Shaping Up to Engage More of Shreveport in Civic Engagement

The last two open board meetings of ABS have been energizing.  An idea starting with Chris Chandler's thoughts has been developing steam.  It's that we'd have a summer team that would visit neighborhood associations and other groups to hear their concerns, share visions, connections, etc., with the goals being to increase the city's overall civic engagement, and to connect concerned citizens to each other.

It's an election year, so the timing is good.

Speaking of which we also discussed the hope that we can have another candidate forum, as we did four years ago downtown at Cohabitat.  We had live music and light refreshments during a mix and mingle period, then we pitched questions to the candidates that had been submitted by organizations and citizens.  It was the brainchild of our former strategic director Steph Pedro, and it seemed to work well as a way of focusing attention on certain issues and allowing voters to get to know the candidates.
our first two "Velo Dendros" have been fun!

On another front, Robert Trudeau dropped by last week to say he's willing to head up another Velo Dendro biking tour of the city's trees come November.  He'll need helpers, so stay tuned to this space if you're willing.

And a new topic that'll likely be discussed tonight is an apparent change in the policy of Byrd High School for receiving ESL students.  It may be a matter of confusion that could yet be resolved, but, there's concern.

We'll continue discussions on all these topics at our last two meetings before our summer hiatus, tonight and next Monday, May 19th.  As usual, all are welcome, and we meet in the Wright Math Building on Centenary's campus, on Woodlawn Ave., two blocks up from the Gold Dome.


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