Monday, February 24, 2014

Caddo Magnet HS social studies students ply Coates Bluff Trail,Shreveport

Some 250 Caddo Magnet HS students have trekked the Coates Bluff Trail in the past 2 weeks, says teacher Robert Trudeau. In addition to Trudeau, teachers Dionne Procell, Debbie Fish and Ken Lerchie are using the trail.

"Students know that use of the trail is for health by prevention, for riparian studies, for contemplation of the Bayou Pierre / Great Raft history, for exploration of the art of trail building," says Trudeau.

Teens learn the difference between sycamores, cottonwoods, hackberry trees and other fauna. "Soon we're going back to stalk the hard-to-identify Bois d'arc, a very important item to the bow-making Caddo people."

"Students know that if the willow tree gives the world the acetylsalicylic acid needed in making aspirin, that the number of medicinal agents waiting to be discovered in the roots, bark and berries of other plants is significant."

Care is being taken with the locally-famous Monte Carlo bridge. Patched in at least 4 places by trail maven Maurice Loridans, the aged Chevy remains a viable slough crossing. But it is a bridge that needs watchful attention, says Trudeau. "Teens are charmed to dickens by that auto bridge."

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