Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Thursday the 21st at Cohabit, Public Conversation with International Organizer, Community Leaders, and You!

Judging from this recent announcement, Thursday should be very interesting!

Centenary College is partnering with citizens group ABetterShreveport to host an evening of public discussion on March 21 with a nationally renowned speaker Bob Musil, citycouncilperson representing downtown Jeff Everson, Community Foundation Director Paula Hickman, City Planner Dara Sanders, and members of the public.  The evening will start with a reception at 5:30 with wine and cheese, then, at 6:15, our featured guest and special guests will take seats in a circle, surrounded by members of the public, and begin a conversation moderated by Dr. Loren Demerath, Executive Director of ABetterShreveport, and Chair of the Department of Sociology at Centenary.  It will all take place at Cohabitat, 610 Commerce St.
While the public will have opportunities to participate, each of the special guests will be given a chance to articulate what it is they're working on that relate to public health and sustainability.  Others in attendance, particularly Musil, will then have the opportunity to respond by sharing relevant information, ideas, contacts, etc. 

And Bob Musil should have useful things to contribute.  He is a nationally recognized leader in contemporary sustainability, social responsibility, and health issues.  He was the CEO of Physicians for Social Responsibility, and, as part of the Green Group, he's worked with such leading political figures as Presidents Bill Clinton and Barak Obama, and Vice Presidents Al Gore and Joe Biden.

Among the topics he speaks on are how how Washington really works and how to effect change; how green business and green investing can be approached; and how public health and environmental health can be addressed with the same solutions.

We expect it will be a stimulating evening, and all the more so if you are there.  We hope you'll join us!

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