Monday, January 7, 2013

First Meeting of 2012 Tonight!

Our first meeting of 2012 will be tonight, Monday the 7th, 6-7 p.m. in the Wright Math Building, as usual.

We'll discuss the dog park's progress, noting the wonderful success of yesterday's fundraiser at Sciport!  Congratulations Cynthia Keith and to all those who helped organize it!  And big thanks to all who came and contributed!

Tonight we'll discuss our agendas for the year, and that could cover the usual projects, but other new ones too.  Come join the board members of ABS and contribute your thoughts!

The Wright Math Building is right across the street from Magale Library, on Woodlawn, two blocks up from the Gold Dome on Centenary's campus.

(And by the way, Loren's deadline for a conference paper he's submitting is Tuesday, and he promises to update the blog with the last meeting's summary by Thursday.  Thanks for your patience, if you've been waiting.  What a great meeting and holiday party it was!)

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