Friday, October 19, 2012

Shreveport Dog Park Alliance's reply to the editorial in The Times on Friday Oct 19,2012
"No logic supports holding dog park fund hostage". money from the RRWC is earmarked for the dog park and was done fair and square.  It is a done deal.  The mayor got his number one priority, improvements at Riverview Park for $1million ($500k for a bathroom and $500K for a stage cover).  The parish got its number one priority, dog park money-$280K.  If the mayor has his way the city will see improvements only in Riverview Park.  If the parish gets their way too, the city will see improvements at Riverview Park AND improvements at Marie and Charles Hamel Memorial Park. Those are the only 2 options.  Parish reps, and 2 city councilmen, went down to the RRWC to defend parish choice; the city/SPAR went to down to the RRWC to defend their choices.  The amount needed for the dog park was set forth by the city/SPAR, not the dog park alliance.  The dog park alliance has been wanting the city to come down on the amount of money needed to build the dog park.  The mayor is demanding a wrought iron fence, approximately $100,000 extra.  $51,000 is needed to bring water to the site (there is currently no water at the park).  Water is very much needed at this park anyway, many runners, bicyclists, dogs/owners, etc frequent this park.  In many cases it is the beginning of a long run or bike ride, all will appreciate potable water there. The other projects people keep referring to that need to take preference, probably don't have anything to do with this riverfront recreation money and most are not even aware of what all has been requested from the RRWC.

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