Friday, May 11, 2012

Coates Bluff Trail now has a parallel path for hiking and biking on the East side of the old Bayou Pierre slough

"The Bike trail is now connected from River Oaks Meadow to the Red River Link. Loren, Feico and I," says Maurice Loridans, "recently worked to finish the connection with the work done by Centenary Volunteers led by Katherine Brandl and Robert Trudeau."

Having traversed the new East Side Coates Bluff Trail by bicycle, a slow and chunky experience, I can testify that it is appropriate for advanced riders.

While the new trail is intended to give bikers their own territory, I highly recommend it to hikers.

Loridans also reported, "Feico and I walked and groomed the East-West part and swing bladed the knee-waist high growth that was already clogging the Link from the wide gate at Valencia's Urban Farm. Heading East from there, the trail is clear to a point on the North side of a very high steep bank of the old river bed. Beyond that point are many deadfall trees and more work."

"To hold what we have done," warns Loridans, "it is imperative that this trail gets traffic by walking or bikes."

The entrance to the new trail is somewhat hidden. It begins at the place where the walking trail opens up in the direction of the neighborhood housing area called River Oaks.

Once found, this trail takes you much deeper into the riverine woods.

Poison ivy is sprouting vigorously this time of year. But on last week's sortie I wore long sleeves and long pants and have yet to feel any itching or rash.

If you walk it this weekend, please send me a brief report and photo:

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