Sunday, January 1, 2012

Attorney Sam Jenkins, City Councilman, District G, and Gary Joiner, historian-cartographer, on Time for A Better Shreveport on Mon, Jan 2, 5 pm

Time for A Better Shreveport, the weekly radio show from the grass roots civic organization A Better Shreveport, takes a look at city issues with attorney Sam Jenkins on Mon, Jan 2, 5 pm.

Jenkins represents District G, West Shreveport, and will discuss the common ground between the priorities of East and West Shreveport.

Also in the Centenary College studio to talk about Shreveport history is cartographer-historian-author Gary Joiner.

Joiner is excited about software, Lidar, that is enabling digital explorers to comb the Louisiana terrain in more detailed way than ever. Joiner has a new CD being released to the public in which he tells the history of the city on the Red River.

Stream at kscl. fm.
Questions, remarks: 869 5297.

Hosts are Robert Trudeau, Carolyn Manning and Loren Demerath.

A Better Shreveport meets at 6 pm Mons in the Wright Bldg, Centenary College. Business is done by 7 pm.

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