Sunday, August 28, 2011

A message from a person who'd like to bike in this City! please respond to her!

Hi! My name is Caryn Jenkins and I found your contact information on League for American Bicyclists. I am a local cyclist concerned about bike safety in the Shreveport area. I am searching for a way to educate our community on bicycle safety on the roads in our area. The community in general is one of the least bike friendly cities in the US. I would love to be part of that changing. Do you know of any resources or avenues that we can access to educate our community about sharing the roads and who would we contact to get more Share the Road signs out there? Thanks for your help!

Caryn Jenkins


Meaux said...

Caryn, Your efforts and Ideas are welcome at ABS. I am a bike commuter/advocate for the past 5 years.
I attend most ABS meetings including tonight's. I would love to discuss your ideas about making Shreveport better for bicycle transportation.


Loren Demerath said...

Please come and join us Caryn! We talk about that kind of thing all the time!

Hank Legan said...

I am a Shreveport native who has been living in Chicago for the past 3 years. I will be returning to Shreveport in 2 weeks and will be continuing my carfree lifestyle.

I plan to reach out to all the drivers' education programs in the area and offer to speak to classes about driving safely around cyclists and sharing the road.

Meaux said...

@ Hank,
Great Idea! welcome back.