Sunday, April 17, 2011

College, City, and Community Come Together to Plan Coates Bluff Trail Preservation and Access

More than 30 people gathered Saturday morning at Centenary College for an open public meeting of residents and organizations interested in planning the preservation of, and connections to the Coates Bluff nature trail.

Centenary College President David Rowe began the meeting by speaking about how the group was modeling how communities can come together from diverse perspectives to pool their resources and interests to create nourishing value in their community. Aside from bike paths and nature trails, Rowe said, the greater value in our work was the act of coming together.

Urban planners Kim Mitchell, Stephanie Pedro, and Caroline Majors then facilitated a discussion, asking for each person's "Steak, Wine, and Roll." This referred to a person's stake in the project, or, why one cared about it; one's possible role, such as the social networks to which they could use for the project that others couldn't; and "whine", as in, what problems or predicaments one sees that relate to the project.

A number of teams or "coalitions" were formed at the end of the meeting that will devoted to specific issues, including: education, greenway connectivity, land ownership issues, and physical features. It was agreed that the group would meet again, perhaps bringing others, in about two weeks, with the exact time and date to be determined via email.

The Education Working Group will meet Tues, Ap 26, at the trail head, agreed Robert Trudeau & Jeanne Hamming.

Jon Soul agreed to give a tour of the trail the following Sunday morning at 8:00 a.m., and those who like can join canoeists who will take to the water afterward.
See a slideshow of Coates Bluff Trail scenes.

If you're interested in joining the group's email list, email

There will be a debriefing of the meeting during the regular ABetterShreveport meeting at Cohabitat (610 Commerce) Monday night, April 18, at 6:00 pm.
All are welcome!

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