Wednesday, March 23, 2011

An Example of Increasing Taxes to Make Services Sustainable

Instead of taking out a bond (which admittedly can make sense for a city with a such an excellent rating as we have; borrowing is cheap for us) we could do what Kenner may do.

To quote one ABS member: "now THAT'S a tax increase!"

But mightn't we have to do it, at some point?

In a chat with Ian Webb this morning, he said his water bill is about $20, while a friend's in Bossier is well over $100. Is that irresponsible of us? Are we as addicted to credit as a city, as many of us are as individuals? Should we be more like Bossier? Or like Kenner?

But are tax increases too tough for a politician to sell, especially in today's climate?

That said, some of our most loved leaders have asked us to sacrifice. Indeed, mightn't one be admired for being realistic and asking people to sacrifice, however unpleasant it is to do that for the leader? After all, there's research that shows sacrifice can be valued; e.g., people like being part of groups more if they've been asked to sacrifice to get into them.

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