Tuesday, September 28, 2010

How to help with the expenses of the Velo Dendro, a family-oriented tree-to-tree bike ride on Sat, Oct 23, 8:45 am

Notes by Steph Pedro in Loren's absence.

In attendence at the meeting of September 27, 2010: Robert Trudeau, April Waren, Carolyn Manning, Susan Fontaine, Garrett Johnson, Maurice Loridans, Stephanie Pedro, Hallie Dozier (via conference call)

Maurice thinks that we don’t need to get into the t-shirt bike ride business and acquire the LAB insurance for 2011. BRASS has LAB insurance that covered us last year and this year. Is there a cost per head for this year’s insurance?

Carolyn thinks it would be great to drop the food budget and support Columbia Café.

Stephanie and Susan think that if we don’t have a budget for t shirts, then we should not do it. Let’s just all wear a colored t-shirt. Susan does talk about the advertisement of tshirts and how great it is a year-round promoter of cycling.

If ABS has someone in the ranks ($250), then what will the money be spent on?

Conference call begins w/ Hallie @ 6:20.

Maurice knows of some elves that were in the works, but doesn’t know their roles.

Insurance is the reason BRASS is doing it again, b/c Shreveport Bicycle Club insurance was dropped.

The cost is $90 to insure 100 people; it works through a sign-in sheet waiver.

Food: because its a tree ride, the Ag Center will belly up some food; Matthew will cover food left over from Krewe party the night before (fig newtons, bananas, water). Voces Castellanas is having a Day of Dead Festival at Columbia Park later that day and food may be available there also.

The only problem now is tshirts. Hallie cannot spend money on tshirts w/ state $$. What she found last year w/ food and tshirts, the total is $1200. But Maurice doesn’t think we will have 100 riders. Last year’s charge per head was $10. Tshirts come in 100/shirt, or $9.50 per shirt.

Carolyn does math and we need $780 between insurance and tshirts.

--We need an answer on the logos by the end of the week--

We have 2 sponsors: BRASS and Columbia. Others: a Law Clinic, Robinson Rescue, and a vet at $250 each have been approached. Just need 2 more sponsors. Carolyn will pledge $150.

Hallie wants ABS to take the lead for 2011, and join with Shreveport Bike Club for insurance purposes.

Hallie says the roadies don’t want to mess around with urban rides, and Shreveport bike club is just roadies.

Hallie will be here next Monday for the radio show! She has great things to say about Shreveport, and loves leading the rides there.

Susan will ask Merrill Lynch and Akins tomorrow.

April will ask her broker tomorrow.

Maurice suggested a tree trimming company and will call.

Robert will email a sponsor proposal to Pratt Recycling.

Garrett made the point that Velo Dendro ride could become a fundraiser for ABS, but this year, any proceeds will be split between ABS and BRASS.

Robert announced a Celtic celebration - Sat, Oct 16, at Enoch’s in Monroe—the best bar in Monroe! Actually at Forsythe Park in Monroe.

Pet Walk in Fairfield Historic District starts at 10 am, 2121 Fairfield (Cynthia), on October 30. A 10 block tour and dress your pets.

Maker’s Fair is two weekends: October 30 and November 6. Do we want to make a brochure, or bring drums? We don’t think we need a table.

Garrett suggested that Robert put a large paperbag sheet somewhere like at SRAC’s Firefest.

April talked about the recruiting director at TelePerformance in Shreveport and has decided that together ABS and TelePerformance could promote their workers to use the bike racks and bus/bike. Hygiene issues: they will install a locker room, willing to install bike racks, willing to take ABS recommendations on bike racks, challenges include that the closest bus stop is at W.70th and Pines Rd, and then it’s 3 miles from the bus stop to the campus. There is no shoulder, 2 lanes, and shart curves, very rural, not well-lit. Stephanie will get this location worked into the Bike Master Plan. Staggered shifts half hours, 6:30am to 9pm. One account, 13 people that stay overnight and don’t need transportation. The alternative is 3.6 miles, but is safer at Mansfield and W. Bert Kouns. Stephanie has requested the Coordinated Human Services Plan from NLCOG to see if TelePerformance is included in that plan—if not, then get it added. We have the opportunity to pass bike info along to 1400 people!

April suggested we get extra paint to paint sharrows on those routes.

We need to find another sharrow paint donation!

Maurice saw 12 riders on his way to work around 9:30am. {Loren stopped at this point reading the notes, stunned. Really?! 12 riders?! Maybe we ARE becoming a bike commuting town! Let’s roll!}

Caddo Parish Commission has invested in a called the Caddo Sustainability Initiative which strives for public-private partnerships for green business/jobs. Maybe the call center improvements can qualify, suggested Robert.

Carolyn is frustrated about the dues, and is absolving herself about donations. The 501c3 says donors will be able to deduct for tax purposes.

Susan can be in charge of sending letters to ask for donations.

Cynthia announced that Louisiana State Parks will Offer Gift Cards for Sale and Use. www.reserveamerica.com or www.lastateparks.com.

Meeting adjourned 7:10.

We meet again next week, 6 to 7, Centenary Square as usual!

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