Sunday, June 6, 2010

Farmers Market proves a fun social ride destination Saturday

A bunch of us rode down to the first Farmers Market of the year Saturday. Could become a regular thing to promote bicycling in the city.

I rode with Maurice Loridans, as well as my kids, and though we going at kid-speed, we still made it from Centenary in about twenty minutes. Stephanie Pedro and cousin made it from South Highland without a hitch, as did Garrett Johnson and Susan Fontain.

And as we pedaled in, we passed Centenary math professor Mark Schlatter already pedaling home with his lot from the market. He told us it was a good crowd we were headed for, and it was! (One of the benefits of bicycle travel: talking with people you ride by.)

We'll be planning more such rides at Monday's meeting, for any who'd like to join us.

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