Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Time Line and "Tramp in the Park" Discussed at Last Greenways Meeting

At the most recent Greenways group meeting of April 5 (a bunch of folks were there, but yours truly forgot to take attendance) Jon Soul went over a time line of tasks he thought would be appropriate for the nature loop trail and larger Coates Bluff Greenway, as follows:


Spring and Summer
  • add signage

    • signs at various points indicating where to enter trail and branches of the trail
      • John Davenport, Jon, and Mike Day are at work on those signs.
    • a sign to the effect that the nature loop trail is “maintained September through May” would allow people to understand that they would not be able to rely on the trail being maintained over the summer.

  • improve Valencia trail

    • the access point to the Valencia park needs work; either at the up-slope going to the new gate into Valencia park (thank you SPAR for installing that!)
      • Maurice Loridans said he was considering using a maddock to chip out sections and it make level that downslope.
      • An alternative would be to focus on the older double gate, though it apparently needs replacing with a U-latch; that gate could be decorated and to make the trail head entrance more visible from Viking Drive.
  • pollution control

    • a storm drain marking program is necessary to indicate where leakage appears to be happening.

      • on area in particular off the northwestern corner of Anderson Bayou has been reported as smelling bad and looking suspiciously bad.

Fall and Winter

  • to install screens

  • establish additional trails

    • including several, perhaps, to Riverscape


  • to hold a 3rd Annual Celebration and Project Day, either working on clean-up or trail maintenance.

Cynthia Keith and others were enthusiastic about holding a "Tramping in the Park" meeting on May 1st at 4:00 at Veteran's Park. The meeting would be part outdoor meeting, part picnic, and part reconaisance of the area for the purposes of a dog park and trail connections. Folks also talked about asking Barbara Jerrel to attend with her guitar and have a sing-along to remember when she played on the stage of the old amphitheater on the same bill as Otis Wheat.

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