Friday, January 29, 2010

First "Jelly" at Cohabitat tomorrow!

Tomorrow is the first "jelly" at Shreveport's first shared work space, "Cohabitat," a non-profit organization run by Shreveporter John Grindley, and former Shreveport native and software developer Blake Burris.

The concept of behind places like Cohabitat is to increase the productivity of creative and collaborative work by increasing the connections between similarly and complementarily skilled people. Those connections are created and nurtured by giving them a space where they can work in proximity to one another, and regularly providing forums for presenting work and getting feedback and ideas.

It should be a terrific way to fertilize the ground for creative and collaborative work in Shreveport. Good luck, Cohabitat! We're rooting for you!

"CoHabitat is teaming up with the Columbia Cafe to bring you the area's first coworking "Jelly!" on January 30th @ 10 a.m.

As we're working diligently to get CoHabitat up and running in Shreveport-Bossier, we want to meet and find out a little bit more about you! Whether you're ready to settle down into a coworking community or you just want to learn more about the coworking concept, CoHabitat would like to invite you to come out for our first Jelly, January 30th at Columbia Cafe from 10 a.m. until noon or later.

On the agenda for our first meet up:

- We'll talk about the concept of coworking and the status of bringing the CoHabitat to life in Shreveport-Bossier.
- We'll give anyone who's interested a chance to talk about what what they're working on.
- We'll pick your brain a little bit about what you need from a coworking site.
- We'll finish up with some networking/coworking time, so feel free to bring your laptop and come ready to cowork!

This event is free to anyone who's interested, and the coffee is on CoHabitat!

We hope to make this a regular series of events, so don't miss your chance to be a part of the first!

Want to learn more about CoHabitat? Visit us online at and

What is Jelly?
"Jelly is a casual working event. It's taken place in over a hundred cities where people have come together (in a person's home, a coffee shop, or an office) to work for the day. We provide chairs and sofas, wireless internet, and interesting people to talk to, collaborate with, and bounce ideas off of.

You bring a laptop (or whatever you need to get your work done) and a friendly disposition." (courtesy of )

John Grindley
318-230-0157 - Mobile

Interested in coworking/shared workspace?

Below is are pictures of the future of home Cohabitat on Commerce St. It's a beautiful building inside, parking's easy, and it's near downtown businesses, restaurants, bars, and hip apartments.

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