Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Downtown Group discusses issues and mission statement

From April Dahm:

Our next meeting will be next Wednesday, October 7, from 11:30-12:30. We will continue to meet at Artspace in the lower level. Please bring a lunch or feel free to order lunch from the cafe.
At our last meeting, we discussed the need to gain focus and we began to work on creating our mission statement which will guide our vision as we continue our work. Here are the 4 basic principles we agreed upon:
Economic Prosperity
Environmental Sustainability
Cultural Vitality
Social Equity
Some of the key phrases and words I jotted down whole discussing our mission statement included: invigorate, lifestyle, diversity, residential, retail, 24-hour activity, technology, quality of life, safety, growth, recreation, green space, services, transportation, alternative, history, arts.
Do you think that we all could bring at least one example of a mission statement based on the 4 principles to our next meeting? Even better, could we begin emailing each other our statements prior to the meeting? Nothing you write needs to be perfect, I am simply looking to get a starting place for our next meeting so we can start at 11:30 with a bang!
If you have trouble getting started or need a better idea of how to approach this task, here are some helpful websites:
Research a familiar non-profit and their mission statement should be on their website.
I want to say thank you to all of you for such great participation in last week's meeting. All of you bring so much positive thought and energy to this organization.
Looking forward to being with you all next Wednesday!

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