Thursday, April 2, 2009

Mapping Bike Routes

We had a good meeting this past Tuesday on our project of posting signs of recommended bike routes throughout the city. Next Tuesday we'll update our work on that, and move to downtown development issues.

Dan Marcalus has accepted the call of duty in refining our bike route map. Our goal is to make a map we can give to the city and ask that signs be posted indicating recommended routes.

We may want to think about using MapMyRide instead of Google Maps. Below is a bike loop of historic sites in Highland, made by Dan.

And here is the map of various routes I've made using Maurice Loridans' personal map of routes. Among the additions we can make, besides additional routes, are notable sites, destinations, and sign and route placements. (I think there's a limit on GoogleMaps to 100 lines or items per map though.)

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Michael Carmody said...

Good effort using MapMyRide and Google Maps.

I also think we could use the City's Bus Routes as a basis for bike routes. Among other things, this could (1) help bike/ped commuters who also use the bus, and (2) identify likely places of interest (e.g., libraries, gov't buildings, shopping, parks).

Below are links to the bus routes from the City's website. (full system map) (for Broadmoor) (for Highland)