Monday, February 2, 2009

Tulane talk, Bayou cleanup, next meeting...

I wanted to report to folks that giving my talk at Tulane's Prevention Research Center was a good experience, in that I received a number of helpful suggestions for how we might move things forward. One of the highlights was chatting about capping the bayous after the talk and one person gestured outside the window to Canal Street, as evidence that it can work well. The trolleys now go up and down Canal Street over what was once an open drainage ditch. So, while it's not appropriate everywhere, capped bayous can work, and they manifestly have on one of Louisiana's most famous streets.

Our next meeting will be Tuesday the 10th, holding to our new 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month schedule. As usual, it'll be at 8:20 in Centenary Square's room 206.

One of the things we'll hear about is the Anderson Bayou cleanup being conducted by the Montessori School there in partnership with the Stoner Hill Neighborhood Association this Saturday. I recently hiked in that area with my family and it's a potentially beautiful area.

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