Saturday, June 7, 2008

Roll-out of blue bins for Shreveport has begun; you'll get yours soon

The City of Shreveport, thanks Mayor Glover, et al, and Pratt Industries, have delivered a new day to the old town. It's called single-stream recycling and you'll read all about it at

Maybe the question is how SptGreen, A Better Spt and the Planning Commission and other groups might capitalize on the optimism of the affected citizenry by offering them next-step buy-ins.

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Loren said...

What do you mean by "next step buy-in´s," Robert? Jon?
I don´t know if it´s related, but I´m curious about the possibility of a sort of "city buy in" where the city partners with that company to build a factory here for manufacturing building materials and the like from our recycled material. That way we´d get a discount on the cost of buying them for ourselves, we´d begin to create an industry here from where we export to places with less foresight, giving us jobs and revenue. (I saw a 100-foot long park bridge in San Antonio using beams and planks that appeared to be made of 100% recycled plastic. As durable as steel, but much lighter. Ah, the design possibilities!) Anyway, the "buy in´s" of which you wrote?