Friday, May 16, 2008

Think bigger: a chat with Roy Jambor, MPC senior planner

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The Metropolitan Planning Commission is trying to bring a new planning Initiative to the public. In a downtown meeting Wed, May 21, 5:30 pm, the MPC will listen to comments at 505 Travis St, the Govt Plaza building (1st floor).

Jambor says his real target group for getting citizens involved in the planning process is elementary kids. He mentioned a program called Box City. He'd like to make an outreach beginning in 3rd grade (does MSS partcipate in any such?). Secondarily, he'd like to get college students engaged (rotsa ruck, Roy).

Anyway, the document is on the MPC website under a subtitle which says MPC Master Planning Meeting. You need the latest Adobe Reader version to see it, I think.

He says it's important for everyone to offer input, regardless of the meetings. Email or letters will welcomed.

This may be our last opportunity at creating a community-wide compromise toward planning, Jambor believes. One of the key questions: what do we do with our blighted inner city neighborhoods?

He points to Chattanooga and Denver as cities doing the smart urban adjustments.

And he says that there are signs of a growing acceptance of public transport in Shreveport. Evidently Sportran numbers are up. We need to build bus shelters to enhance the alternative, he says.

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Anonymous said...

how can a master plan work when we have a city council and a mayor that do not work together. it seems that basic people can get along but there factions that just do not trust each other and never will everyone is worried that someone is going to get something and they are long as we have such bad crime and just horrible schools we are spending money in the wrong direction. we dont meed a master plan we need a total makeover. take a look.... really what do we offer a business coming here. everyone wants gm wages and government hours. maybe instead of a million dollar master plan we should get a 10000. dollar bulldozer i hope it works good luck