Friday, February 1, 2008

Topics for Discuss, Proposals to Put Forward, Etc.

(Please note, as of today, only the last one has anything significant posted to it. This is just to start things off.)

Among the topics we're actively involved with or may be in the future:

Revitalizing Downtown to be a place of energy, activity, and opportunities, where people not only work and shop, but also live, and play.

Growing Jobs and Investment opportunities in part through the above, where a density of pedestrians moving between large-scale enterprises create niches and opportunities for much smaller ones.

Civic Participation, where people are more aware of how they can contribute to political decision-making at the municipal level, or neighbor district level.

Civil Discourse and Society, where people are involved in voluntary organizations, from Churches to Book groups to Bowling Leagues.

Community Gardening, where people share land, tools, knowledge, and the experiences of growing and harvesting their own fruits, vegetables, and flowers.

Alternative Transportation opportunties that allow to people travel in as many non-automotive forms as possible, opening the possibility of biking, walking, even horseback riding as a means of getting around.

Greenways, linear parks, bike paths, perhaps using our bayous, to allow residents to exercise and socialize outdoors, while going to where they would ordinarily want to go, be that work, home, shopping, ball fields, movie theaters, etc.


Mawiyah B. said...

One area that is of particular interest to me is Community Arts and Performance. I would love to see a writing program catered towards k-12 that evolved outside of school board district hands. This program would come into the school and offer a grassroots cultivation of literature through genres that are akin to those areas where these students find the most enjoyment in. Sacred Pens of Protest is a name I've been tossing around but who knows.


Loren Demerath said...

I was just talking with a friend about whether "sacred" could be used in a non-religious way, and he didn't think so (though I did).

Anyway, "amen" to the need for teaching writing. (After all, just look at that fellow who's overtaken the favorite to win 10 straight primaries. Write well, and you'll go places!)

I'd be interested to learn more about the "grassroots" approach, Mawiyah, and how it might even enhance our community's awareness of its own rich diversity.