Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ozark Society brings "The Path Less Pedaled" by Russ Roca and Laura Crawford Tuesday night at Centenary

The Bayou Chapter of the Ozark Society meets this Tuesday May 18 at 6:30 pm at Carlyle Auditorium (first floor Room 114) Mickle Hall on Centenary campus, just west of the Chapel on Woodlawn off Kings highway.

Our program next week is titled: The Path Less Pedaled and will be presented by Russ Roca and Laura Crawford.

The Path Less Pedaled is an exploration of what it means to live outside the lines. In March 2009, Laura Crawford and Russ Roca made the decision to drop out of the status quo and find others around the world who have done the same. Paring down their lives to just what will fit on two bicycles, Laura and Russ embarked on an extended bike tour throughout the US and beyond – with the goal of connecting with and collecting the stories of people who followed a calling to live their lives in unique ways, while revitalizing the model of the traveling artisan and inspiring others to travel by bicycle. Through photos, interviews, presentations, and an extensive web presence, Laura (an art jewelry maker) and Russ (a photographer) are compiling examples of lives less ordinary and sharing their experiences with the world. Their website is: The event coincides with National Bicycle Safety Month.

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